Differentiate your cameras with TLens® Add-In designs

poLight® has developed various reference designs that incorporate our TLens® as an Add-In element inside the lens stack since the traditional Add-On architecture is not always ideal for meeting a broad range of camera application needs.

The TLens® architecture and manufacturing employs the standard wafer fab process and the state-of-the-art packaging technology. Its ultra-compact size, coupled with its lenient opto-mechanical tolerances, make the TLens® the best tunable optics technology to integrate into the high-quality lens stack.

By leveraging the TLens® Add-In concept, different lens architectures can be designed to be compatible with various formats of image sensors and resolutions, as well as wide range of field of view and associated low F-numbers.

Incorporating the existing TLens® product in such an Add-In lens design can uniquely allow cameras with sensor formats as big as 1/1.5" or lenses as low as F/1.6 to be realized. Next generation TLens® will suit even lower F-numbers or bigger sensor formats.

Placing the TLens® as close as possible to the aperture stop of the lens system will enable the highest performing autofocus cameras by maximizing its benefits. TLens® Add-In designs also empower ultra-wide FOV, low TTL (Total Track Length), or tiny punch-hole display camera design implementations.

Other improvement opportunities that leverage such Add-In lens design architecture even further can include integrating the IR cut filter or other optical components into our next generation TLens® products.