Tune your world view through our technology

poLight® ‘s tunable optics technology enables native capabilities that replicate the human eye, making instant autofocus across a wide focus distance and constant field of view options possible in a variety of camera systems. It can also bring to life beam steering and optical tilting capabilities. Our technology is differentiated by its extremely compact size, ultra-low power consumption, super high speed, and high optical performance, creating a range of new experiences for users and future innovation opportunities for OEM customers and partners.

Optical matching between the optical elements and the deformable optical materials, combined with poLight®’s anti-reflective coating technology, means that the optical transmittance can be optimized for a broad range of selected wavelengths from visible to near IR spectrum.

Smallest Size

Ultra-compact TLens® camera modules

Lowest Power

TLens® consumes <1mW

Fastest Speed

TLens® response time is 1ms

All in Focus