Innovate with poLight® tunable optics technology

Welcome to poLight®, a global player in tunable optics with its patented TLens® products shipping in the consumer, barcode scanner, industrial, augmented reality and other target markets such as mobile, medical etc. to come. Almost two decades of research and development went into replicating the human eye viewing experience which finally resulted in technology that captures astonishing images with instant focus and take imaging applications to the next level.

How it works

The poLight® technology is built around fast actuator elements that tune the high optical quality components. An optical grade soft material is sandwiched between one or several high-quality optical components such as a deformable membrane and rigid back window. A fast actuator can act on one or more optical components to generate the tunable optics function.

When the actuator is in standby mode, no force is applied to the optical component and light passes through the tunable optics product without any deviation. When power is applied, the actuator will immediately actuates the optical components and create the tunable function.

For example, TLens® focuses and spherically deforms our patented polymer when a voltage is applied to it. Such technology can also formulate a tunable optical wedge or a combination of the two. This structure offers a sophisticated tunable lens of high optical quality. The combination of these characteristics results in a perfect tunable optics solution.

The characteristic of the carefully designed actuator will tune the optics within 1 millisecond (ms) and faster. Today, most of the actuators used are piezoelectric based and controlled by the voltage.

How It Works principle of operation