TLens® Silver Premium

The TLens® Silver Premium has the same general capabilities as the TLens® Silver, with extremely quick response time, ultra-low power consumption as well as the same small footprint, can be mounted on an existing barrel-type fixed-focus camera module in an Add-On architecture, or embedded inside a fixed-focus lens stack in an Add-In architecture (Refer to “TLens® Add-In Reference Designs” section) etc. It is therefore well suited for similar experiences and use cases as the TLens® Silver. The TLens® Silver Premium has, however, bigger aperture size that in turn trades off optical power range to support close focus distance of 20 cm or lower and allows for bigger sensor formats of even above 1/1.5‘’ as well as lower F-numbers.

Key Characteristics

  • Clear aperture size: 1.9 mm
  • Small footprint: 3.2 mm x 3.2 mm (same as TLens® Silver)
  • Focus distance: From infinity to 20 cm or closer
  • Response time: Down to 1 ms
  • Ultra-low power consumption: <6 mW (including Driver ASIC)

Potential application areas

  • Smartphone cameras (front and world-facing)
  • Wearables / Smart Watch cameras
  • Augmented Reality head-worn device cameras
  • Tablet PC cameras
  • HD Webcams
  • Industrial machine vision cameras
  • Drone cameras
  • Barcode readers

TLens Silver Premium Topview

For detailed specifications and access to datasheets or quotations, please contact poLight ASA