TLens® is poLight®’s first product that incorporates its proprietary tunable optics technology. It is the ideal solution for the latest autofocus camera applications, such as video recording with continuous focus or pictures with all-in-focus. TLens® products enable the industry’s fastest, smallest size, and lowest power autofocus experiences in cameras without any of the shortcomings of competing technologies such as optical instability, changing field of views, magnetic interference or gravity impacts.

TLens® products are available in various aperture sizes and configurations. Our released products come in bare TLens® or packaged TLens® forms as depicted below, and serve broad range of market needs and application areas.

TLens® Silver Premium

PoLight TLens

TLens Cross Section

This illustration depicts the structure of the TLens®. The technology can handle all image sensor formats up to 1/1.5″. The ultra-compact and thin dimensions and low weight allow for a very robust optical path and simple implementation at the camera module level, as well as excellent reliability performance for drop tests, durability, etc.

TLens Animation