Design ultra-compact AF webcams with TLens®

TLens® technology improves the real-world visualization of both professional and consumer webcams with fast autofocus to create the “human eye experience” video regardless of the distance from users and objects.

TLens® for Autofocus Webcams

  • Small autofocus camera systems enable more degree of design freedom for miniaturization and enhanced industrial designs
  • Pairing with All-in-Focus algorithm on laptops / PC’s sharpens images of all users and objects across the entire FOV
  • Key selling points:
    • Ultra-compact size
    • Fast focus and high accuracy enable higher decoding rate and throughput
    • Ultra-low power consuming autofocus conserves laptop / PC battery power
    • Highly robust, TLens® can change focus >1 billion times over its lifetime

TLens® Design Win Examples in Customer Devices

MaxHub UC W20