TLens® offers strong values for smartwatch and wearables

TLens® offers a compelling value proposition for smartwatches and other wearables where the ultra-compactness, low power consumption, and constant field of view for image and video capture are critically important to OEM customers.

TLens® for Wearables

  • A growing and maturing market
  • Features set to increase – app usage, payments,
    camera, AI
  • More smartwatch phones with cameras coming to market
  • Cameras enable image and video capture and barcode scanning
  • Key selling points:
    • Ultra-compact size
    • Low power consumption
    • No gravity impact fundamental when person is moving
    • Constant field of view enabling improved video-call function
    • Highly robust, TLens® can change focus >1 billion times over its lifetime

TLens® Design Win Examples in Customer Devices

XUN Smartwatch
XIAOMI Mi Bunny 4 Pro