Innovate your smartphone cameras with TLens®

poLight®’s TLens® technology empowers unique innovation opportunities with the industry’s smallest size, lowest power consumption and fastest autofocus experiences in both front-facing and world-facing smartphone cameras, with proven robustness and long-lasting reliability, and without compromise to overall image quality.

TLens® for smartphone AF cameras

  • Not only is the smartphone market competitive and large, it also drives technology innovation.
  • While smartphone OEMs must balance cost and time-to-market with product differentiation, high-performing cameras continue to be one of the most important functionalities for smartphones.
  • Key selling points:
    • Ultra-compact size
    • Lowest power consumption
    • Enables sharp and fast continuous video focus (important for social media posting)
    • Focuses objects from very close (down to 10 cm) to far (infinity) distances
    • TLens® Add-In supports ultra-wide FOV scene captures
    • Fully compatible with large image sensor formats (up to 1/1.5”)
    • Allows smaller display “punch hole” than possible with other autofocus technologies
    • Supports lower F-number to enhance low light performance and create shallow depth of field
    • Non-magnetic actuator enables flexible placement of cameras in the smartphone PCB
    • Fast speed and constant FOV enables new applications such as All-in-Focus or Light Field Capture
    • Highly robust, TLens® can change focus >1 billion times over its lifetime

PoLight Mobile Cams

TLens AF All in Focus Image

All-in-Focus Image

TLens AF Before Bokeh Image
TLens AF Before Bokeh Image

Bokeh Image

TLens® Design Win Examples in Customer Devices

MaxHub UC W20