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poLight® products & technology well-suited for several applications

Smartphones, Wearables, Accessories

  • Smartphones represent a large addressable market each year with billions of cameras
  • 1.2 billion phones per year with 1 front camera and an average of 3 rear cameras
  • Camera function remains a key killer app
  • Wearables, accessories like webcams offer consumer volume opportunities
  • Potential addressable market for TLens®/poLight technology estimated at 2.5 billion units per year



  • Evolving from 1D laser to 2D imaging barcode readers
  • Lasers replaced by camera systems, where autofocus will improve efficiency in scanning and portfolio
  • Barcode and machine vision technology is spreading to new industries
  • OEM scan engine vendors today are increasingly looking to enable machine vision capabilities on their current offerings

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR)

  • AR/MR is expected to grow significantly as the technology is rapidly advancing
  • Initial AR/MR HMD/smartglasses deployments are in enterprise (industrial, commercial, educational, etc.) but soon expanding to consumer (entertainment, gaming, productivity, etc.) markets



  • New opportunities are emerging that could represent significant potential
  • Healthcare and automotive are two other examples of new opportunities for poLight technology

poLight®’s technology and TLens® products address all the above market trends, as well as related market and application demands in a future-proof manner.