Differentiate in healthcare with smallest and reliable TLens® cameras 

The ultra-compactness, fast speed, and robustness of TLens® technology makes it a natural fit for cameras in healthcare applications where space is constrained and ultra-fast, accurate, and reliable focusing are necessary.

TLens® for Healthcare

  • Head-worn or equipment mounted cameras with TLens® autofocus allows medical professionals to view and capture the patient in-room scenes quickly, accurately and reliably. 
  • Miniature two-photon (Mini2P) neuroscientific microscopes utilize the multiple stacked TLens®'s to empower brain exploration and deliver critical insights for neurological illnesses such as Alzheimer's and dementia.  
  • Key selling points:
    • Ultra-compact size and low weight
    • Fast and accurate focusing
    • Stacked TLens® provides extended optical power range that many microscopic imaging applications need
    • Constant field of view enables human eye vision or All-in-Focus image capture
    • Highly reliable and robust, TLens® can change focus >1 billion times over its lifetime

TLens® Design Win Examples in Customer Devices