Investor Relations Policy

poLight’s Investor Relations (IR) activities shall contribute to ensure that information disclosed to capital markets participants provides the best possible basis for a fair valuation of the company.

poLight is committed to conduct its IR activities in compliance with relevant rules, regulations and recommended practices. Shareholders, potential investors and other stakeholders shall gain simultaneous access to accurate, clear, relevant, comprehensive and up-to-date information about the company, so that poLight is perceived as an accessible, reliable and professional company by the capital markets with the aim to ensure that:

  • the market price of the poLight’s shares reflects the real value of the company;
  • poLight's shares remain as liquid as possible;
  • the price of poLight's shares develop with is as little volatile as possible; and
  • poLight maintains access to capital markets, as well as reducing the cost of capital

Investor relations policy poLight ASA

poLight complies with the Oslo Børs Code of Practice for reporting IR information, last revised 1 March 2017. Apart from point 3.4 External capital as the company does not disclose its financial strategy and information on bank debt on its websites. Information on the company’s bank information is disclosed in the notes of the annual report.