Nomination Committee

poLight has established a nomination committee composed of three members, who shall be shareholders or shareholder representatives.

The nomination committee is responsible for recommending candidates for the election of members and chairman to the Board of Directors, and make recommendations for remuneration to the Board Members, including sub-committees of the Board, as well as recommending members to the nomination committee.

The current members of the nomination committee are:

  • Leader Thomas S. Wrede-Holm, elected until annual general meeting of 2023
  • Anne E. H. Worsøe, elected until annual general meeting of 2022
  • Jan Erik Hæreid, elected until annual general meeting of 2022

Nomination of Candidates to the Board

All shareholders are entitled to nominate candidates to the Board of Directors of poLight ASA. Nominations are submitted by sending an e-mail to

Nominations must be received well in advance to be considered for the election at poLight’s annual general meeting. All proposals should include information about the candidate, grounds for consideration and contact information to the person the candidate is nominated by.

Remuneration Committee

poLight has established a remuneration committee amongst the Board Members.

The remuneration committee shall assist and facilitate the Board of Director’s decision making related to remuneration of executive personnel, including:

  1. preparing guidelines for the remuneration of the members of Management;
  2. preparing recommendations of remuneration in specific matters;
  3. preparing matters relating to other material employment issues in respect of the members of Management.

The current members of the remuneration committee are:

  • Ann-Tove Kongsnes
  • Grethe Viksaas
  • Eivind Bergsmyr

Audit Committee

The Board of Directors has established an audit committee that will act as a preparatory body that supports the Board of Directors in fulfilling its responsibilities with respect to financial reporting, auditing and control. The Audit Committee shall consist of at least two members of the Board.

The current members of the audit committee are:

  • Ann-Tove Kongsnes, chair
  • Eivind Bergsmyr