Driver ASIC

General Description

The PDA50 is designed to drive capacitive loads such as the TLens® autofocus actuators. It has a 10-bit DAC and is capable of 50V output voltage. The PDA50 uses an I2C interface operating at up to 400KHz. The power-on reset circuit guarantees 0V output voltage at start-up. It has a powerdown feature that reduces current consumption in standby to below 5uA.

Key Characteristics

  • Fully integrated charge pump
  • Max output voltage 50V
  • I2C controlled 10-bit DAC
  • I2C address 0x18 (Write); 0x19(Read)
  • Fast transition time
  • Differential output with selectable polarity
  • Power supply alternatives
  • 3.3V (Standard performance)
  • 3.5V (Enhanced performance)
  • Low power consumption (7mW typ at 50V Vout)
  • 6-pin CSP package
  • Small footprint
  • Status bit indicating target output voltage reached


  • Potential application areas

    • Camera phones
    • Wearables
    • Tablet PCs
    • HD video cameras
    • Drones
    • Handheld devices
    • Barcode readers

Application Diagram