Our first product, the TLens® Silver, is now ready for customer projects and we would like to share some insights on this with you and take the opportunity to:

Demonstrate the performance of the TLens® on a Qualcomm Smartphone Platform

Present the results from our Product Qualification Program and readiness to MP in 2016

Uncover our future roadmap and our view on TLens® usage in different camera module systems

Please contact us to schedule an appointment

Øyvind Isaksen (CEO)
+47 908 76 398

Pierre Craen (CTO)
+47 488 82 340

Joakim Nelson (VP Sales)
+46 703 19 33 85

Jacques Dumarest (System Princ Eng)
+33 616 62 66 09


Warmest welcome to the Hotel Fira Congress, ROOM 415




The world leader in very high speed and ultra low power autofocus actuated micro lenses. Its patented proprietary technology enables the production of wafer scale active optical components based on deformable polymer optic. Those developments create new mobile applications such as Instant FocusTM and All in FocusTM.

From technology...

Large scale integration autofocus solution

  • High speed response time
  • Lower power consumption
  • Constant field of view
  • Smallest AF actuator form factor  

...to camera features

Optimized performance of your Camera Module

  • Touch and refocus after taking the picture
  • All in focus images in full resolution
  • Video Continuouly on focus
  • High Autofocus Speed
  • High Image Quality
  • Small size