Smallest and reliable endoscopic cameras with TLens®

The ultra-compactness, fast speed, and robustness of TLens® technology makes it a natural fit for medical endoscopic camera use where it is space constrained and needs fast and accurate focusing as well as periodic sterilisation at high temperatures.

TLens® for Medical Endoscopy

  • Advanced endoscopes require tiny cameras and fast, accurate autofocus capability, and also benefit from depth of focus and potential 3D capture capabilities.
  • In endoscopic pills, a camera with ultra-low power and fast autofocus allows doctors to change focus while the pill is “traveling” inside the body.
  • Key selling points:
    • Ultra-low power consumption is key to avoid temperature increase in the body
    • Ultra-compact size and low weight
    • Fast and accurate focusing
    • Reliable and robust even after high temperature sterilisation
    • Highly robust, TLens® can change focus >1 billion times over its lifetime