Introduction and Objectives

poLight® seeks to create sustained shareholder value and pays due respect to the company’s various stakeholders. These include its shareholders, employees, business partners, society in general and authorities. poLight® is committed to maintaining a high standard of corporate governance and has established principles and guidelines that define the roles and relationship between the shareholders, the Board of Directors and the executive management of the company.

poLight® is incorporated and registered in Norway and subject to Norwegian law. The company’s shares are listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange. As an issuer of shares, the company must comply with rules applicable for companies with shares listed on Oslo Stock Exchange and rules applicable for public limited companies in general.

poLight’s corporate governance policy is based on the Code of Practice for Corporate Governance, issued by the Norwegian Corporate Governance Board (NCGB). A detailed statement on how poLight® complies with the Code of Practice and the Norwegian Accounting Act’s requirements for reporting on corporate governance is presented in the Annual Report.