Tune your world view through poLight®

Welcome to poLight®, a global player in tunable optics with its patented TLens® products for the consumer, barcode scanner, industrial and augmented reality markets, with applications for mobile phone cameras and medical devices to come. Almost two decades of research and development into replicating the viewing experience of the human eye has resulted in technology that captures astonishing images with instant focus and takes imaging applications to the next level.

Our technology

poLight® technology replicates the human eye, making instant auto focus, all-in-focus and constant field of view options possible in a variety of camera systems.

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TLens® replaces Voice Coil Motor (VCM) systems, delivering improved speed, reduced power consumption and a smaller footprint.

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Our markets

TLens Animation

The most versatile lens
ever created for: mobile,
AR/MR glasses, barcode
scanners, wearables

TLens® enables a range of entirely new experiences, use cases, and ways to build innovation.

  • Instant focus
  • All in focus
  • Constant field of view
  • Low power consumption

poLight® technology replicates the human eye

TLens® provides instant focus up to 10 times faster than competing technologies

Instant Icon

Instant focus

Instantaneous focus replicating the human eye

Lowpow Icon

Low power consumption

Image sensor temperature remains stable

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Constant field of view

Smooth and accurate focusing while the image or video is being recorded

All in Focus