About us

poLight ASA is a Norwegian company, headquartered in Horten, which is about to introduce a unique photographic lens to the market for mobile devices. Replicating the lens of the human eye, poLight®’s TLens® enables new user experiences, and eases implementation of autofocus functions for various applications.

The patented, proprietary technology, which has been developed over more than ten years, enables production of wafer scale (MEMS), active optical components based on shapeable polymers. poLight’s TLens offers the camera module market considerable benefits, such as extremely fast focus, compact xy-dimension, no electromagnetic interference, no impact by gravity, low power consumption, and constant field of view. These features accommodate easy installation of single and multi-camera implementations, while achieving high optical quality.

poLight has offices in Norway, Finland, China and France, and is represented in Korea, Taiwan and Japan. The company was founded in 2005, and has since built state-of-the-art expertise in optics, polymers, MEMS technology, and image applications and processing. The poLight team comprises world-class researchers and developers, all aiming to develop the world’s leading imaging technologies.